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Delays in nuclear power projects reveal the prime minister’s view of china”

The British government delayed approval of the construction of the C nuclear power plant at the site of the Royal horn, which immediately caused a stir in British media. Many media are sensitive and direct to the prime minister, Teresa May’s attitude towards China and her preconceptions about China, especially on human rights and security issues.
Optima has been holding off in the United States, we have Chinese outside the EU and other Asian emerging markets “propaganda signs, and convince people to believe that when Britain leaving the EU will be better, 10 years as interior minister, to protect national security is the primary task of the Mei as prime minister, in public, almost no mention of” Chinese”.
“She has a natural bias towards china.” The former British Minister of Commerce Vincent Kai (Vince Cable) in the evaluation of Chinese affairs such as Mei, “the discussion in the cabinet of Hinkley point C when she was opposed to Osborn, and other officials of China investment especially enthusiastic was very unhappy.” K-boom last weekend in an interview with local radio, revealed such details, Mei expected in his decision.
Overlooking the nuclear power plant
Pacify the people is the first priority
Mei’s appointment took place at a very special historical period. The results of the June 23rd referendum clearly show the division and economic imbalances in British society. Many in the Conservative Party during the austerity cuts welfare, and had a pretty poor population, especially some north old industrial aggregation, welfare resources highly dependent, non developed areas of people, even with a hostile attitude of the Cameron administration. Thus, to appease the people and make people happy, almost become the most important task of mei.
“What the government does is not for the minority of the community, but for each of us.”.” The statement in the inaugural speech clearly states that Mei wants to do everything possible to build up a political concept of a fair society, soothe the people and curry favor with voters.
Over the weekend, may in the “Sunday Telegraph” published a signed article, not talking about off the European program and Europe off negotiations, but about how to lead the world to deal with human rights issues, including illegal immigration, slavery.
“We finally had the chance to make our voices heard, and we finally saw the government pay attention to our problems and suffering.”.” This is the plum government came to power, said those who are difficult to get rid of their own difficulties, hoping through the European referendum called for “change” voters universal voice.

Britain after leaving Europe “open the door and do business””

[in Europe off negotiations, Hammond hope in the negotiations to seek a “tailored arrangement” for Britain and the future of the European Union, and expressed the hope to retain the “passport privilege for the financial sector in the negotiations” (passporting). ]
Less than 10 days before taking office, Philip Hammond, Britain’s new Chancellor of the exchequer, PhilipHammond, came to china.
Hammond visited Beijing and Chengdu through the meetings of finance ministers and central bank governors of the group of twenty (G20) and visited several Chinese financial institutions during the Beijing.
Hammond told the first Financial Daily reporters that he was going to bring colleagues to the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting to say that Britain is “opening the door to business.””.
Eliminate the British back in Europe brought about by the uncertainty, to the qualitative relationship between Britain and the EU, let the world believe that out of the EU have the ability to more freedom to embrace trade openness, this is a tricky task facing the new British government.
In the interview, Hammond told the “First Financial Daily” detailed explanation of the current British government in the three aspects of the specific measures, and points out that Britain’s current challenge is “to maintain economic stability, and to the market, enterprises and international investors show confidence in the future of our long-term”.
In Europe off negotiations, Hammond cautious, but he said, in the hope that negotiations can seek a “tailored arrangement” for Britain and the future of the European Union, and expressed the hope to retain the “passport privilege for the financial sector in the negotiations” (passporting).
The so-called passport privilege is due to Britain’s EU membership, financial enterprises as long as a British license, as a “European passport”, its overseas institutions can provide financial services in the European Economic area. Hammond believes that the retention of passport privileges is a matter of a global dimension, not determined by the European union.
After the British exit, the British sent to countries with the global re signed free trade agreement, the Hammond said that after leaving the EU, the UK welcomes the same Chinese free trade agreement is discussed.
Prior to this, Hammond served as British Foreign Secretary and visited China many times. During his visit to China, he also stressed to Chinese leaders that Britain’s decision to withdraw from the European Union would not affect the global strategic partnership between China and britain.

Venezuela supplies shortage of over 80% people to share how to cook without oil

“In Venezuela, the whole country seeks to eke out a living in the absence of supplies every day,” the western media said. “My friends, Hello, I need help,” said a Venezuelan mother on the Internet. “My baby is going to be one full year of this Tuesday.”. I have neither mayonnaise for making cream nor oil for mayonnaise. Is there anyone who can help me?”
According to EFE reported on July 31st, this problem appears in a Facebook group. The group includes more than 70 thousand Venezuelan people who share recipes to deal with food shortages in the country.
In less than 4 hours, the young mother received 26 from the group’s reply, and obtained many let her without a drop of oil can make a table of ideas for the guests.
In this group, there is only one caveat: if you are unsure if the ingredients on the menu can be purchased in Venezuela, you’d better not share it.
In most cases, diversification of these recipes breaks the boundaries of general possibilities.
Faced with this challenge is that they make the group members all must use some things in the fridge, or is under normal circumstances have been thrown into the trash things, than if the skin, leftover dinner, expired food or those in the cupboard for a long time but do not know how to use.
A group member proudly released the news. “Last night, I looked at something in the fridge and found a lot of cabbages.”. I went to the mayonnaise recipe and made mayonnaise, which turned out to be delicious. Because I didn’t have much oil in my hand, I added water to it.” She also released 4 photos look like dinner.
Venezuela is experiencing one of the worst economic crises in the country’s history. According to economists, Venezuela’s material shortage levels have exceeded 80%. In 2015 the country’s inflation rate was 180%.
In the year when official figures are not yet transparent, economists say the level of material shortages and inflation in Venezuela will be higher than in the previous year, if not expected, in 2016.
Reported that Venezuela is rich in oil, but the country is facing the most serious crisis. For people here, beef, chicken, milk, cheese, eggs and fish are all luxuries.
This group of Facebook understand that everyone has their own recipe, have time to bring them out to share, because as the group introduces a web page said, “at the moment is generous”.

European Union on China’s rebar fell anti-dumping big stick

In July 29th, the European Commission originating in the steel products China make the final ruling of the anti dumping investigation, decided to implement the tax rate for the 18.4%-22.5% final anti-dumping measures.
Chinese steel exports anti dumping. In addition to the European Union, this year, the United States, India, Brazil, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries and regions have repeatedly launched anti-dumping investigations on Chinese steel products.
As a result, trade friction against China’s steel products has also become an important topic of bilateral bilateral talks.
In July 13th, Prime Minister Li Keqiang said in a meeting with European Council president Tusk and European Commission Chairman Juncker that the current world economy and Global trade growth were weak, commodity prices fell and demand declined. The problem of overcapacity is also a global problem, requiring all parties to work together to cope with it. As the world’s largest importer of goods and an important importer of raw materials, we will continue to steadily reduce and eliminate backward production capacity, and promote economic transformation and upgrading. At the same time, in promoting China’s new industrialization and urbanization process, expanding domestic demand. We hope that all sides will treat them objectively and rationally and avoid politicizing economic and trade issues. China is willing to establish a special mechanism with the in-depth discussion of steel trade, the EU will abide by the rules and the two sides agreed agreement, commitment, fulfilling “China WTO obligations” fifteenth.
At that time, Tusk and Juncker said that the global, strategic and mature of EU China relations continued to emerge. The EU attaches importance to strategic communication and pragmatic cooperation with china. Overcapacity in steel is a global problem and has had similar experiences in European history. The EU appreciates China for strong measures to cut excess capacity may take, in a friendly, constructive way with China to seek solutions. The EU will abide by the commitments, serious discussions to fulfill “China WTO obligations” fifteenth.
The talks ended after half a month, the European Commission or falling antidumping.
In this regard, the Ministry of Commerce China trade remedy Investigation Bureau official pointed out that China steel products in the EU in Great Britain and Ireland is mainly to meet the market demand, did not cause any impact on the industry, but also conducive to promoting the local infrastructure construction in the period of economic recovery. The global economic recovery is weak and demand caused by the weak is the root cause of the iron and steel industry is facing difficulties, the implementation of trade protection measures to help solve the problem, instead will cause further impact on the normal trade order, but also detrimental to the EU and the member states of the economic development.
The official said that China has taken note of the Commission raised the EU industry target profit ratio approach in this case. At present, the global steel industry is faced with difficulties in production and operation. As the low-end steel products, rebar is difficult to have higher industry profit margins. The European Commission in accordance with the EU industry calls for a substantial increase in industrial profit rate target practice lack of reasonable basis, the ultimate aim is to improve the enterprise Chinese final anti-dumping tax rate. This approach is essentially a man-made barrier to the exclusion of Chinese products and the provision of unreasonable protection to European Union industries.
The recent meeting of the G20 ministers of trade meeting in Shanghai, China, reiterated its commitment to maintain the status quo and withdraw protectionist measures and extend its commitments until the end of 2018. The Chinese side regretted the European Union’s immediate trade protection against Chinese steel products and called on the EU to abide by its commitments under international circumstances and avoid issuing false signals to the outside world. China is willing to strengthen exchanges and communication with the EU, to properly resolve the current problems facing the steel industry.” The person in charge said.

Brazil sprint “Olympic economy””

What can the Rio Olympics bring to Brazil? This is not only outside, but also Brazil’s own doubt.
Local time on August 5th (Beijing time at 7 on August 6th), the Rio Olympic Games will be opened. Brazil is the first country in South America to host the Summer Olympics, so it seems to be the best chance for Brazil to show its national image on the international stage. Before the opening of the games, however, Brazil was in an unprecedented predicament. From the economic downturn to political unrest, from Zika virus to the financial crisis, and now Brazil, seems to have not the Brazil 2009 in high and vigorous spirits.
That year, Brazil Rio in Madrid, Spain, the United States, Chicago, Tokyo, Japan, surrounded by “encirclement”, won the right to host the Olympic games. Brazil up to the federal government, down to the local government and enterprises, businessmen, hopes to take advantage of hosting the world cup and the Olympic games including the two major international competition highlights Brazil strength and momentum of development, and by “economic competition” and improve the international image and the infrastructure of Brazil.
Rio mayor Paes (EduardoPaes) said: “we use the Olympic opportunity to attract investment, do something we have to do.”.”
Rio’s Olympic budget announced in June showed that Brazil had invested at least $11 billion for the games. First of all, the Rio Olympic Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games funds about 7 billion 400 million reais ($2 billion 200 million); second, the Brazil government infrastructure projects needed for the Olympic Games to invest about 6 billion 670 million reais ($2 billion 53 million); third, the government of Brazil to improve the traffic environment, the permanent infrastructure investment of about 24 billion 600 million reais ($7 billion 571 million).

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